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Опубликовано 03 May 2014 - 04:04

Shoozza: Я рад объявить вам, что Soldat 1.6.7 готов!

Выпуск этой версии занял больше времени, чем ожидалось, из-за изменений в наших скриптах сборки.
Она, в основном, содержит исправления, но есть и парочка нововведений.

Большое спасибо бета-тестерам, всем, кто помог с выпуском этой версии и, конечно же, членам команды разработчиков Soldat.

Несколько ключевых изменений в этой версии:
Новый тип "фоновых" (background) полигонов (пока не используется ни в одной из стандартных карт)

Масштабирование курсора при движении

Ссылки на скачивание ищите в конце новости.

Список изменений в Soldat 1.6.7:
- Added new background polygon types: "Background" and "Background Transition"
- Added visualization of the player's MovementAcc by scaling the cursor
- Modified the lobby's player count column to not include bots
- Modified bullets to now take into account the weapons' BulletPush when pushing objects (flags, kits, loose guns)
- Modified removed TeamSpeak 2 support
- Modified vertical jumps by making it easier to do smaller jumps by letting go early
- Modified pressing Jump quickly followed by a direction should side jump you if the vertical jump hadn't yet begun
- Modified side jump speed to be the fastest when facing the direction you're moving in #170
- Modified behavior when changing movement direction to hopefully not mess up advanced moves possible in 1.6.5, yet behave consistently in both directions
- Modified the two spent Desert Eagle shells to be ejected with different velocities
- Modified the player's current MovementAcc to be more intuitive to predict
- Modified spectator and demo view to hide the inactive parts of the interface
- Modified demo playback to allow freecam by default
- Modified decreased the freecam deadzone again to make the sudden speed jump less abrupt #277
- Modified accumulated bink and selfbink to get diminishing returns faster, making it harder to reach ridiculous amounts
- Modified cursor scaling from inaccuracy effects to grow faster between smaller values, and slower between higher values
- Modified BulletSpread to have less effect when crouched and moving, and even less when proned and moving
- Modified player looking direction to be sent to the server more frequently
- Modified cursor to be visible during game pause #460
- Fixed bullets could only push one object (flags, kits, loose guns) at once
- Fixed bullets could push an object (flags, kits, loose guns) multiple times in an instant, giving huge push
- Fixed HTF incorrectly used some INF flag messages (referring to the Objective instead of the Yellow Flag)
- Fixed finishing a roll animation while airborne and with the crouch key still pressed, you would air-squat awkwardly and not be able to throw grenades
- Fixed ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab active tab highlighting issue #451
- Fixed an animation glitch when holding Jump while a backflip animation ends
- Fixed players with bink weapons couldn't bink themselves
- Fixed explosives could bink team mates #398
- Fixed bink didn't work in non-team based game modes
- Fixed team mates could bink each other with explosives even though FriendlyFire was off
- Fixed the player's current MovementAcc being erratic when the player was transitioning between animations and grounded/in-air
- Fixed sniper scope cooldown could be bypassed by triggering an overriding animation
- Fixed camera jumping back and forth between the cursor and the map's center when looking outside map bounds
- Fixed camera not resetting to center when joining a new game
- Fixed freecam camera wasn't completely still when the cursor was inside the center deadzone #277
- Fixed camera not resetting to center when viewing above map bounds
- Fixed empty server_info setting in servers soldat.ini makes client display weird chars in F1 menu
- Fixed team menu keyboard input blocked if opening it using the cursor #428
- Fixed pressing an unmapped number when selecting a team causes no team to be joined and the menu disappears #388
- Fixed unable to toggle the weapon menu when carrying less than two weapons #181
- Fixed custom values of MovementAcc and BulletSpread didn't show differences properly in the weapon selection menu
- Fixed flags in CTF and INF game modes weren't using their flag texture
- Fixed clients' keys would act slightly "sticky" in online games, not resetting the controls every tick
- Fixed server didn't notify players about all key events from other players
- Fixed flag was thrown in a direction that was at least 16 milliseconds old #132
- Fixed side jump speed was slightly lower when facing right #170
- Fixed reloading Spas-12 when gun is empty now waits for fire interval delay to finish first #161 #365
- Fixed no longer able to simultaneously fire and reload Spas-12 while prone #474
- Fixed /victory sound only plays once at the end of a round in survival DM/RM #291
- Fixed cannot delete server with two pipe chars from favorites
- Fixed players that needed to download the upcoming map spawned using the previous map's spawn points, as well as seeing other glitches #239
- Fixed players that needed to download the upcoming map would be disconnected before seeing the final scoreboard
- Fixed incorrectly spawning with/without a parachute after going outside map bounds
- Fixed readonly.txt didn't do what it advertised #279
- Fixed readonly.txt didn't contain an updated list of maps and sceneries #95

Список изменений в SoldatServer 2.7.7:
- Added soldatserver cannot be run as root on linux
- Added SC3 TScriptMap.SetMap(NewMap: string);
- Modified removed ASE Protocol support as it is dead since 2008
- Modified removed nrservice support
- Fixed SC3 - Broken AddSpawnPoint #541
- Fixed Game.Teams[ i ].OnJoin is replacing Game.OnJoin and is not working as intended #415
- Fixed Server freeze after Players[ID].Alive := FALSE; #396
- Fixed OnJoinTeam does not remove players from their old team in ScriptCore
- Fixed SC3 - Event OnVoteMapStart isn't called by /votemap command #443
- Fixed SC3 - Wrong values of TGame.TimeLeft #377
- Fixed OnJoinTeam not called for bots
- Fixed SC3 global variable Game.Teams is empty after recompile #516

Изменения в модификациях оружия (от версии 1.6.6 к 1.6.7):

Deagles      fireinterval +1
HK MP5       spread +1, push -2
Ak           dmg +7, fireinterval +1, spread -1, push +2
Steyr        dmg -1, push -2
Spas         push -3
Ruger        dmg +1, push +4
M79          push +60
Barrett      startup +2, moveacc -1, push +31
Minimi       push -2
Minigun      push -2
Socom        dmg -1
Knife        push +300
LAW          push +50
Flamethrower push +40

Изменения в картах:
Исправлена отсутствовавшая декорация amb_fog_ground-sk_soft.png

Ссылки на скачивание:
Soldat 1.6.7 Full
Soldat 1.6.7 Patch (только для 1.6.6)

Server 2.7.7 Full
Server 2.7.7 Patch (только для 2.7.6)

via forums.soldat.pl

P.S. Все серверы Soldat2D.ru обновлены до последней версии.

Изменено: GoL, 03 May 2014 - 12:31

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